Ny supercross serie, Nordic Supercross League

Last year’s King of Herning #3 Florent Richier is congratulated by #21 Cyril Coulon, Kornel Nemeth and #8 Brian Jorgensen.

Lars Green från ASP Event som är mannen bakom bland annat supercrossen i Herning, Danmark, har nu  startat Nordic Supercross League.

Tävlingen kommer första året att köras i två deltävlingar. Den första blir i Helsingfors, Finland 3-4 februari och den andra blir just Herning, Danmark 10-11 februari.

Planen är att inför nästa år även köra en deltävling i Sverige och mest troliga stad blir Göteborg eller Stockholm.

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Nordic Supercross League

Lars Green from ASP Event is the man behind the Supercross in Herning (Denmark) along with other Supercross, Speedway and Bike shows in Scandinavia. He’s latest project is a Nordic Supercross League, which will be a reality with two events already this winter, and the plan is to expand the league next winter.

This winter the Nordic Supercross league will be run over two events. The first in Helsinki (Finland) on February 3rd/4th and the second in Herning (Denmark) on February t 10th/11th.

– I had the thought of a Nordic Supercross League for some years now and previous we also had the Supercross event in Malmö, so we kind of already had the start of a league. Now we will go ahead with one event in Finland and our traditional event in Denmark this winter, and then the plan is to expand with one more event in Sweden next winter, Lars Green explains.

Lars Green and the ASP Event group is already looking for possibilities of where to hold a Supercross event in Sweden and it is most likely that it will be near Göteborg or Stockholm.

This winter’s Supercross event in Finland will be held alongside the biggest Motor show in Scandinavia, and at daytime there will be added some extra obstacles to the track in order to use it as an Extreme Enduro Track.

The Supercross in Denmark will be the 18th Herning Supercross and will once again be held in the newly build Jyske Bank Boxen. The same arena that hosted last winter’s event in front of a large crowd of 18.000 people, the two days combined.

Alongside a long list of the best international Supercrossriders from 10-12 different countries, both the events in Finland and Denmark will off course have spectacular Freestyle show to please the crowds.



Tickets for Herning Supercross is already available at:






Photo: Last year’s King of Herning #3 Florent Richier is congratulated by #21 Cyril Coulon, Kornel Nemeth and #8 Brian Jorgensen.


Video link from Herning 2011:


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